About the Alliance

Katherine Knowlton, PhD

Katherine Knowlton, PhD, retired recently from a three-decade private practice in Seattle doing psychoanalytic psychotherapy with adult individuals. For over twenty-five years she has also led and studied Balint groups, an analytically grounded method which provides integrative empathy practice to enhance therapeutic relationships. The Balint work has included training national and international audiences. Her broad appreciation of psychoanalytic thought rests on the experience of its deep practicality.

Available In-Service Topics

Reaching An "Other": Growing Therapeutic Relationships with a Balint Group

This talk and demonstration introduce people to a gentle method for exploring the complexities that frustrate us in cases where we feel we have too little in common with our clients. Participants will have the chance to understand transference and countertransference in accessible terms through case material they provide. No previous experience required.

Loosening up the Therapist and the Therapeutic Relationship without Stretching Boundaries

Sometimes therapeutic relationships feel frustratingly constricted or tight, yet they may also require us to be firm and to step carefully. This talk and demonstration connect the psychology of creativity with the case consultation practice known as a Balint group. Through experiencing a group, those who attend will be able to understand the links between the emotional work of creativity and the therapy hour and what it means to loosen up safely.

Remoralizing a Demoralized Situation: How to Do Some Good For Yourself and Others

This talk and demonstration connect the research on adult development in the ethic of care with the treatment of a difficult case. The case material will be provided by participants, who will have the chance to practice the consultation discipline known as a Balint group.

Katherine is also available for consultation.