About the Alliance

Rikki Ricard, MA, FIPA

Rikki Ricard, MA, FIPA is a practicing psychoanalyst and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice, working with adults, couples and adolescents. She offers supervision individually and in groups. Rikki is a graduate of Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, with Masters degrees in both Acting and Psychology. She has been in private practice for 25 years. Prior to this, she was a professional actress and member of Equity, AFTRA and SAG. Rikki has taught at COR, the Alliance, SPSI and NPSI and earlier in her life taught acting and voice at both High School and University levels. Interestingly enough, and mostly to her, Rikki is a U.S. Champion Lawn Bowler.

Available In-Service Topics

Unconscious Phantasy – The Reality of an Internal World

This program would include theoretical concepts regarding unconscious phantasy and notions of how we are impacted by such. Included would be media presentations exploring unconscious phantasy, as well as an opportunity through writing and small groups to make contact with our own experiences of this concept. A more enhanced understanding of the reality of this phenomenon can provide greater empathy for others as well as for ourselves.

Heart of Relational Conflict: Splitting and Projection, Blame and Denial

By understanding the nature of splitting and projection, we are able to see how these mechanisms sit at the foundation of most relational conflict. Theoretical understandings will be explored as well as ways we use projection both as a means of evacuation and communication. By understanding these mechanisms we have the opportunity to better understand ourselves and others with less need for conflictual impasses.

Analytic Listening: The Dreams Behind the Words

Most of us think we know what listening means. We will explore what "analytic listening" means both theoretically and experientially and then how we can use it relationally to facilitate our work with others, in a variety of contexts. The understanding of what we are listening for and the concept of listening to oneself listening to another will be included in this. An understanding of the subtle notion of "the bigger the front, the bigger the back", and its usefulness will also be addressed.

Pain Gets a Bad Rap – Understanding the Usefulness of Allowing Pain in One's Life and Pain as Teacher

Bion's ideas around the theory of thinking will serve as a backdrop to the understanding that frustration/pain is necessary for the development of thinking. This idea can at times seem radical in the face of both the personal and societal notion that pain is something to be evaded. I am obviously speaking predominantly of mental pain. This mental pain is closely related to fear, which is also commonly misunderstood and equated with truth. We will both theoretically and experientially explore the idea of working with pain and fear in place of avoiding or projecting these experiences.

Rikki is also available for consultation.