About the Alliance

Alliance Community Psychotherapy Clinic

The Alliance Community Psychotherapy Clinic has been in operation for over twenty years. The clinic mission is to provide training in analytically-informed psychotherapy to licensed psychotherapists and to provide low fee psychotherapy to patients who can make use of psychoanalytic psychotherapy but could not otherwise afford such services.
This is a "clinic without walls."  All service providers work out of their own private practice locations.  ACPC provides the matching between patient and therapist and between therapist and consultant.  ACPC therapists commit to a minimum of two years of pro bono service with the patient referred by ACPC and ACPC commits to providing weekly consultation with a senior psychotherapist at no charge during these two years.    
The current clinic director is Kerry Ragain and operations committee members are David Allen, Ann DeMaris Davids, and Marla Herbig.
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Please note: Due to high demand, the clinic is not accepting new patients at this time. 
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