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Forum Conference

2020 Annual Forum Conference Date: 2020-04-11 08:30 to 16:00
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2020 Annual Forum Conference

Saturday, April 11, 2020 8:30am to 4:00pm
Mercer Island Community and Event Center
8236 SE 24th St
Mercer Island, WA 98040
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Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study
invites you to submit a presentation for our annual conference on theory and practice:

Forum 2020: IN FOCUS

Date: Saturday, April 11, 2020
Location: Mercer Island Events Center

Proposals are due no later than 11:59 pm, Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.

It is the aim of the Forum, our annual conference and spring meeting, to share the experience, training, and expertise of the psychoanalytic community. The 31st annual Forum welcomes presentations on topics of interest to our members.  Presenters may consider this year’s theme “In Focus” in submitting their proposals, however this is not required.

With the theme “In Focus” we invite presenters to think psychoanalytically about what we pay attention to in our sessions, how we go in and out of focus (how do we decide where to focus?), and what we miss. Listening happens in the space between the ears but no matter what anyone says, you have to hear/understand the words that are spoken to make sense of what's being communicated. This year, we will be considering what is in our awareness, and what gets left out.

Presentations/learning experiences may be in a variety of formats: papers, experiential (clinical demonstration, art, music, etc.), panels, facilitated group discussion, or mixed media. We welcome a diversity of presentation styles, recognizing that there are many ways to teach and learn.
We invite new and seasoned presenters to share ideas "in process" as well as those more refined. We encourage those of you who have not yet presented to develop your professional identity and challenge yourself and submit your ideas. 

Proposal Guidelines:

  • Presentation proposals should be submitted through our online form
  • Proposals are subject to blind review by the Forum Conference Committee.
  • Presentations are 90 minutes long, and should allow equal time for presentation and discussion.
  • Presentations may have a variety of formats and presentation styles. Presenters may present alone, or in a panel of up to three people.  
  • Proposals should include 3 learning objectives and 5 APA citations.
  • Please consider accessibility needs in your presentation.  

Please direct questions to

Submissions are due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.

Thank you,

The Forum Conference Committee

Gillian Vik (chair)
David Allen
Rebecca Brabo Silva
Rachel Newcombe
Gloria Tolpin

Contact Person: 
Gillian Vik
Contact Email:
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