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Balancing Risk Management and Practice

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Balancing Risk Management and Practice

Friday, October 27, 2017 9:00am to 4:30pm
South Seattle Community College, Georgetown
6737 Corson Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
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Wellspring Counseling

This will count for the required six hours of legal ethical training practitioners must take every two years to maintain licensure (Masters level clinicians only).

There are over a dozen state laws and rules that interact with the Washington State counselor licensing laws. In addition, there are Federal laws that influence the practice of psychotherapy in Washington State. As a clinician, it is imperative that you have an understanding about how these laws interact so you don’t run afoul of them and expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

Topics will include:

  • State laws pertaining to record keeping, as well as how to keep records that will minimize your risk of being successfully sued and protecting your license, including disclosure statements and informed consent.
  • What to do when you get a subpoena.  The difference between subpoenas and court orders and how to respond to both, as well as an understanding of confidential and privileged communication.
  • The do’s and don’ts of electronic communications: email, texting, social media, Skype.
  • Legal requirement for mandatory disclosures: duty to warn, reporting to CPS, APS, unprofessional conduct, and involuntary treatment.
  • The pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of forming a PLLC or other corporate structure to minimize risk.

Wellspring Counseling in association with healthcare law attorneys, Ogden Murphy Wallace (OMW), invite you to learn the most current information to help you effectively manage professional risk at this six-hour, interactive workshop especially designed for therapists in any clinical setting including private practice and agencies.



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