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British Object Relations II

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British Object Relations II

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Center for Object Relations
2915 E Madison St
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Seattle, WA 98112
United States

Sponsored by: COR

This course will meet 6 times per quarter on Wednesdays at the COR office in Seattle, WA.

In this course, we will be extending the study of British Object Relations theory into the specifics of clinical work with patients. We will consider and discuss such topics as the ubiquity of narcissism, primitive mental states, countertransference phenomena, the mind's relationship with the body, and conscious and unconscious levels of communication in the analytical process. Readings will accompany each topic and focus on authors such as Winicott, Rosenfeld, Caper, Tustin, and Bion, as well as more recent authors of Civitarense, Eshel and Eigen. Clinical material will make up a portion of each class, and will be presented by instructors and students. Participants need to be in clinical practice and completion of BOR I or prior permission of the instructors is required.

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