Education & Events

Potential Space

“Potential space” is a term coined by Donald Winnicott to describe an intermediate zone where a person’s experience of inside and outside are not clearly separate, and both can come together in a dynamic interplay with others. This is what the Alliance seeks to recreate every October in our annual evening of arts and performance, The Potential Space.

A tradition of over ten years now, The Potential Space welcomes visual and plastic arts as well as readings and performances by members and/or friends of the Alliance and the larger community.  This celebration of psychoanalytically-informed art ranges from chamber music to Turkish folk dance, oil paintings to sculpture. The Potential Space offers a chance to get to know a whole different side of the Alliance community through the lens of creative pursuits. It’s a good way for new members to meet and socialize with other Alliance members and for longer-term participants to experience an interplay of old and new over time.

The Potential Space is a volunteer effort; if you’re interested in getting more involved with the community and enjoy organizing arts events, then you’re welcome to contact Tori Allen,, (206) 284-4321 to ask about volunteering opportunities.

Call to Artists

If you’re interested in performing or showing your artwork, contact Tori Allen,, (206) 284-4321.

Proposals will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and the deadline for submission is September 1, 2018. Please include a brief description of what you would like to present: visual art, performance, reading, dance, or ??. Please be specific regarding size, approximate weight of visual pieces, and space needs for visual pieces. If you intend to read or perform, please indicate time estimate, up to five minutes for readings, and up to ten minutes for musical or dance performances.