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Potential Space

“Potential space” is a term coined by Donald Winnicott to describe an intermediate zone where a person’s experience of inside and outside are not clearly separate, and both can come together in a dynamic interplay with others. This is what the Alliance seeks to recreate every October in our annual evening of arts and performance, The Potential Space.

A tradition of over ten years now, The Potential Space welcomes visual and plastic arts as well as readings and performances by members and/or friends of the Alliance and the larger community.  This celebration of psychoanalytically-informed art ranges from chamber music to Turkish folk dance, oil paintings to sculpture. The Potential Space offers a chance to get to know a whole different side of the Alliance community through the lens of creative pursuits. It’s a good way for new members to meet and socialize with other Alliance members and for longer-term participants to experience an interplay of old and new over time.