Jay French

Jay French
Areas of Expertise: 
Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Trauma and PTSD
5426 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA, 98136

My approach to psychotherapy is open and collaborative, drawing on person-centered and relational schools of psychology. My core understanding is that unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving originate in the mind/body’s attempt to compensate for stresses or traumatic events that are overwhelming. Often, these events have occurred at a very young age and are not consciously recollected. Since our minds and personalities form in relationship to others, it follows that a present and attuned therapeutic relationship can be an effective tool to help bring these unhealthy processes to light, and thereby help to change them. Effective psychotherapy can bring these often unconscious processes to light, and can help restore the natural healing capacities of the mind/body. I believe most of us want to get well, and I enjoy working with people to help them achieve their full capacities. I work with individuals and couples of all walks of life and from many cultures.

Special Populations: 
Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Elders
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Insurance accepted: Premera and Lifewise

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