Kay J. English

Kay J. English
Areas of Expertise: 
Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse, Trauma and PTSD
511 28th Ave E., Seattle, WA, 98112
206 300 9571

I moved here from outside of New York City nine years ago where I was in private practice for 24 years. I have extensive training from New York University, and two post graduate institutes-one four year in individual work at the Manhatten Institute for Interpersonal Psychoanalysis and the other five years in couples work connected to the Scharf Institute. I have a deep respect for those who choose to come to therapy as a way of searching to better understand the workings of their inner world, so as to improve their sense of themselves, their well being, and their relationships with others. My training is psychodynamic which holds to the belief that our way of being in the world is shaped by our relationships with the early primary figures in our lives. My style is interactive and collaborative as we work together to see how these early templates continue to influence us, often outside of our awareness. Accompanying someone through this search, who can then re-shape their current relationships is a privilege. I have a particular interest in these areas: difficulties in creating relationships or maintaining relationships; grief or loss (cancer,infertility included); and healing from trauma. Although I am not on insurance panels, I work with clients as they deal with insurance or determine a reasonable fee.

Special Populations: 
Adults, Couples
Insurance and Fee Information: 

Although I am not on any insurance panels, I provide clients with forms which they can submit to their insurance company and, if that coverage is not workable, we work together to find a solution.

Wheelchair Accessibility: