HIPAA-Compliant Zoom License

To renew an existing Zoom license, click here. 

NWAPS has purchased an institutional membership from Zoom of a HIPAA-compliant telehealth connection for our seminars and events. We also are offering discounted Zoom subscriptions for any of our members who would like to subscribe through NWAPS. Even if you already have a Zoom account, this offer should provide a cheaper option for you and Zoom will reimburse you for any fees (prorated) that you may have already paid for an annual subscription.

Please note: This offer is for members of the Alliance, only. See our Membership page for more information on benefits of joining the Alliance.

Benefits of Purchasing Through NWAPS

Many clinicians currently use Zoom Pro, which costs about $15 per month (or $150 per year if you pay annually) or Zoom Basic, which is free. Zoom Basic cannot be made HIPAA-compliant. As of January 2021, Zoom Pro users can request a BAA from Zoom, which will make their account HIPAA compliant. Zoom also offers Zoom Business, which requires a group of at least 10 users and includes a few extra features such as a higher attendee cap and the option to save transcripts of meetings. This version of Zoom retails for $2000 per year for 10 licenses, or $200 per user. For more information about Zoom billing option see this page.

Your HIPAA-compliant Zoom license through NWAPS will grant you one (1) year of access to Zoom Business, including the extra functionality, for an annual fee of $144. This is slightly cheaper than Zoom Pro, and much cheaper than Zoom Business.

On top of the extra functionality, joining the NWAPS zoom group also means that if you run into any technical issues with your zoom account that you cannot solve on your own, you can contact the technology committee by emailing Because we have Zoom Business accounts, the technology committee generally has quicker responses from Zoom’s tech support than Zoom Pro or Zoom Basic users.

To register for a HIPAA-compliant Zoom license through NWAPS, follow the instructions on this page. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to process your registration.

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