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SOLD OUT! - Child Therapy Essentials: Healing through Play and Relationship with Dott Kelly, MA, LMHC - SOLD OUT!

Play therapy has a primary purpose: to serve the child’s healing process through the use of skilled relationship and materials which are natural to the child’s world.  In this relationship, children explore what their experiences have felt like, not the facts and details of the events.  There may be no words for what a child has felt.  As adults, we learn to use language efficiently to name and identify our experiences.  But there are still many experiences which remain outside the constructs of words, especially for children.  To use words too soon tells the child who is suffering

"Religion, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy" with Drs. Earl Bland and Brad Strawn

Religion is often controversial and associated with contentious debate and social exclusion. How are we to understand and talk about its deep emotional significance for many of our patients? We propose a new model of constructive dialogue between faith and psychoanalysis that is deeply ethical and irreducibly relational.

Balint Leadership Training Intensive

This training offers practical, experiential learning opportunities for those who are currently leading or hope to lead Balint groups. It is also appropriate for those who wish to deepen their understanding of the method and reap its benefits through a concentrated experience. Small group sessions are led by two faculty members who are credentialed Balint leaders. Each session includes a Balint group followed by debriefing of group process and leader interventions. Participants have the opportunity to practice leading Balint groups and receive feedback on their leadership skills.


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