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NPSI Scientific Meeting: Amazon Dreaming by Beth Kalish, PhD, FIPA

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NPSI Scientific Meeting: Amazon Dreaming by Beth Kalish, PhD, FIPA

Friday, January 4, 2019 7:00pm to 9:00pm
2701 First Ave
Suite 120
Seattle, WA 98121
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"Amazon Dreaming: A Comparison of Interpretive Work in Two Cultures - North American Psychoanalysis and an Indiginous Culture in the Amazon Rain Forest"


Deep in the Amazon rainforest, dreaming matters. The lives of an indigenous people, the Achuar, are built around their daily dream analysis process. Hours before sunrise, all adult members of the Community awaken to share dreams.  The dreams are interpreted by elders of the clan. Dream interpretations are then used as a basis for making decisions for the day. Beth Kalish and her colleague have visited with the Achuar, studied dreams with them and discussed dream interpreting practices.  This presentation and discussion illuminates some of their research and findings. 


Beth Kalish, PhD, FIPA is a training and supervising analyst and former President of the Los  Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies (LAISPS). She is a founding member of the of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS) and served on its board for many years. Currently she represents LAISPS on the NAPsaC Board of Directors and is serving her second term on the IPA Board of Directors representing the North American region. Dr. Kalish's early research includes non-verbal developmental assessment of autistic children and currently the study of dream interpretation as in her present work in South America. She maintains a private practice in Hollywood, California.

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