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NPSI Scientific Meeting: Navigating Emotional Turbulence with Maxine Anderson, MD, FIPA

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NPSI Scientific Meeting: Navigating Emotional Turbulence with Maxine Anderson, MD, FIPA

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 7:30pm to 9:00pm
via Zoom
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This Scientific Meeting is designed to facilitate a discussion of our responses to the recent turbulent times and dealing with myriad stressors related to COVID-19 as well as the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol and the subsequent Senate trial.
Maxine will explore the impact of these stressors on the mind which may be experienced as intrusions that generate splitting processes that may fracture our wellbeing and shut down our capacities for mental space and considered thought. In exploring the impact of these events, our discussion will center on the following questions:


  • What is the impact of unpredictable and ongoing societal divisiveness on our psychic equilibrium?
  • What responses do we have when we experience the intrusions of political unrest, and how do processes of splitting and projection operate in response?
  • How do we recover our mental and emotional equilibrium amidst ongoing unrest in our country following the assault on our Capitol?
To unpack these questions and facilitate the conversation, Maxine will discuss the concept of ‘liminal space’, similar to what Bion terms ‘caesura’ which can be thought of as a threshold between the space of the 'known' and that of the 'yet-to-be-known'. As an illustration, Maxine will share her personal experience of how the realization of this threshold facilitated the emergence from a warzone mentality toward mental and emotional reintegration.
About the Presenter
Maxine K Anderson, MD, FIPA is a training and supervising psychoanalyst with Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, and the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. She is a Fellow with the British Psychoanalytical Society. Recent publications include, The Wisdom of Lived Experience: Views from Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Metaphysics (Karnac, 2016) and From Tribal Division to Welcoming Inclusion: Psychoanalytic Perspectives (Routledge, 2019). She maintains a psychoanalytic private practice in Seattle, Washington.
Suggested Reading:
Anderson, M. (2019). "From Tribal Division to Welcoming Inclusion: Psychoanalytic Perspectives. Chapter 2: Seeking Emotional security amid emotional turbulence."
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