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Psyche & the Spirit of the Times: Violence and the Sequestered Imagination & Aesthetic Hope

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Psyche & the Spirit of the Times: Violence and the Sequestered Imagination & Aesthetic Hope

Monday, February 12, 2018 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Antioch University
2400 3rd Ave
Room 200
Seattle, WA 98121
Sponsored by: 
C. G. Jung Society and Antioch University

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Violence and the Sequestered Imagination – George Callan, Ph.D.

“Alternative truth” is a newly formed phrase. It is as old a reality as the Declaration of Independence.

Violence is deeply embedded in the DNA of our collective inheritance. The history of our American ancestors, and their deeds, for good and for ill, hides in our cultural background like a geological map, charting unseen patterns in our current collective story. When we listen soulfully to the history of our country, the hidden images and narratives, the masked, untold, reconstructed or forgotten details reveal something particular about our aspirational and brutal beginnings and our present suffering. A birth trauma left untended hides unbearable images, diminishes emotional connection and sequesters the imagination of its host. It is the work of depth psychology to illuminate the dark pathologies that roam the landscape of the psyche. By way of image and language, we look into the face of our American demons in service of the wild possibility that we might liberate “the better angels of our nature” and the mysteries of democracy.

George McGrath Callan, Ph.D is a depth psychologist, psychotherapist, mentor and educator. She maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Seattle, Washington. George works in the landscape of the imagination where the individual psyche and the communal psyche meet, and in the development of meaningful rites of passage for our time. In her articles and public lectures she addresses the archetypal dimensions and mythic undercurrents of the American psyche.

Aesthetic Hope – James Max Gossett, Ph.D.

There are ruptures in our culture that daily reveal unsought aggression in the commons of humanity. Our challenge is to maintain an Aesthetic Hope that includes trust with values for both ethics and duty as social beings. This matters in Jungian Analytic Psychology for the sense of cultural complexes that are pervasive and damaging engagements, spilling out of internalized violence in the human. Let’s engage one another in useful ways of conversation and living that bring forward our creativity and caring.

James Max Gossett, Ph.D. has practiced as a spiritual director and psychotherapist since 1994 and is a Jungian Analyst in Seattle. He was born and raised in Alabama during the Korean War and the race to the moon. His research interests include Soul and the World.

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