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Trauma, Subjectivity and Subjectality with Dominique Scarfone, MD

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Trauma, Subjectivity and Subjectality with Dominique Scarfone, MD

Saturday, March 13, 2021 9:30am to 1:30pm
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Oregon Psychoanalytic Center

How do we define trauma in psychoanalytic terms i.e. what do we
mean by “psychic trauma”? In which way is the psyche traumatized? Is
trauma a subjective experience, an objective fact, or is it possible to
think of trauma in relation to the specific reality addressed by
psychoanalysis: psychic reality? What kind of result can be expected
from analytic treatment? What ethical stance is required of the analyst
with regard to the traumatized subject?

These are among the many questions that shall be addressed, directly
or indirectly, during the presentation.

As the title suggests, we shall distinguish between two different
positions on the part of the human subject: subjectivity (and its related
intersubjectivity) and subjectality, which will be introduced
theoretically and illustrated clinically.

Related topics: a translational model of the psychoanalytic mind and
process; objectivity and subjectivity; the notion of subject; subjectivism
and mass psychology; subjectality (and a possible intersubjectality).

Dominique Scarfone, M.D., is a psychoanalyst in private practice, a
training and supervising analyst in the Canadian Psychoanalytic
Society & Institute (Montreal French Branches), and a former full
professor at the Université de Montréal. Formerly an Associate Editor
of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, he is presently chairing
the Executive committee of the journal’s College.

The author of numerous journal articles and book chapters, he
published a number of books, among which Laplanche: An
Introduction and The Unpast: The Actual Unconscious, both published
in 2015 in New York by UIT-The Unconscious in Translation. He coedited
with Howard B. Levine and Gail Reed. Unrepresented States
and the Construction of Meaning (Karnac, 2013). A new book is in
preparation: The Reality of the Message. Seduction, Trauma and
Transference (provisional title) to be published by UIT.


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