Foundations of Contemporary Theory on Sex with Sally Bjorklund, MA, LMHC

In this 4-part series we will study the “must read” authors whose ideas are central to current perspectives on sex. We will begin with Foucault who traces how sex changed from something we do, to who we are. Sex went from a quotidian part of life to something that had to be talked about endlessly—to the priest in the confessional and to the analyst.

Dream Life with Terry Hanson, PhD

Dreaming has been central to psychoanalytic work from the very beginning with Freud analyzing his own dreams.  But the actual experience of listening to a patient's dreams, or listening to our own dreams, can be unnerving, casting us into a strange and mysterious world of shifting meanings.  Donald Meltzer, writing in the British Object Relations tradition, sees the dream as coming from the most developed part of our minds.  In dreams we are given a glimpse into the inner workings of the mind as it creates meaning out of our experience and strives to solve pressing psychic problems.  In thi

Healing is Political: A Radicalized Reading of Julia Kristeva’s Notion of ‘Sublimation’ with Robin McCoy Brooks, MA, LMHC

Julia Kristeva’s theory of sublimation is woven through many of her works and relies upon Lacanian theory and cultural studies to create one of the most powerful, persuasive, and embodied depictions of the emergence of creative agency within the analytic couple.

“Clemency on the Way to the Gallows” -- Dream Work, Trauma & Dissociation with Ken Kimmel, LMFT

Please note the correct class date is January 9, 2021. 

The presenter’s paper illustrates a series of dreams emerging in the last year of a ten-year analysis with the survivor of long-term childhood sexual violence. Their dream work foreshadowed the potential collapse of traumatic and dissociative defenses, producing both the ‘re-membering of the unbearable,’ and a profound rearrangement of traumatic memories through the process that Freud called Nachträglichkeit.

Analytic Approaches to the Climate Crisis with Andrew Bryant, MPH, LICSW and Robert Berley, PhD

This class has filled.  Please contact Andrew Bryant (info below) to be added to the waiting list.

Overwhelming scientific evidence warns us that unchecked human consumption is threatening the stability and safety of the ecosystem that sustains us. Whether we face it consciously or not, each of us (therapist and client alike) lives with an awareness of this existential threat; yet most continue to live as though it were not the case.


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