Loss and Grief with Terry Hanson, PhD

Depth oriented psychotherapy is to a great degree centered in grief. Much of the work is the slow, painful process of helping a person come to a point where grief is even possible and during this time the therapist bears much of the weight of the unprocessed mourning.  We all have so much fear of being overwhelmed by our losses, regrets, failings, disappointments, and developing a capacity to digest our grief and grow within it is much of the work of personal development.

Working with Dreams with Terry Hanson, PhD

Dreaming has always been at the heart of psychoanalytic work, but most of us can find it terribly daunting when we face the moment of experiencing a dream, whether recalling our own or listening to a patient's.  One of the best books exploring these challenges is Donald Meltzer's Dream Life.  Meltzer emphasizes there is no formula or right way of working with dreams, but there are many things that can be understood about the function and meaning of dreams.  Mainly in this seminar we will explore together actual dreams, our patient's and our own, and develop our capabilities to ente

Working with ourselves analytically

Psychoanalysis began in Freud’s self analysis and the idea that the purpose of an analytic treatment is to give a person the capacity to process their ongoing life. We largely have given up on the fantasy of the complete analysis and understand that any treatment ends with still lots of work to be done. But what is such a process like?  In this course we will read selections from Bion’s memoir "All My Sins Remembered" and explore what it means to continue to deepen our capacity for self reflection and self knowledge.

Clinical practice during the Long Haul: Facing pandemic uncertainties, learning together as we go with Carol Poole

To ensure safety and accessibility for all participants, N95 or better masks will be required, and HEPA filters will be on. The talk will also be available in video and hard copy formats. If you would like a video recording of the presentation emailed after the event, please register for the event. 

“The Making of a Psychotherapist” with D. Michael Louderback, MA, LMHC

With all of the theories and knowledge and wisdom of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy—now, more than ever—at our fingertips, what (and how and when) do we make use of these when we are actually sitting with another complicated person? How do we begin to distill and understand the essences of these many ideas to not only to change our own souls, but also the souls of others? How do we creatively become the kind of psychotherapist that is not only helpful and kind, but transformative and challenging?

Psychotherapy and Play: the Work of Donald Winnicott with Terry Hanson

Donald Winnicott was a British psychoanalyst who began his career as a pediatrician and remained throughout his life deeply engaged in thinking about the child's development in the midst of the family.  He is famous for the observation that there is no infant, only an infant-mother.  Development for Winnicott occurs primarily in a psychic space between infant and mother.  He was a pioneer in psychoanalytic work with children and came to view the goal of psychotherapy as helping the patient, child or adult, to learn to play.


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