Analytic Approaches to the Climate Crisis with Andrew Bryant, MPH, LICSW and Robert Berley, PhD

Overwhelming scientific evidence warns us that unchecked human consumption is threatening the stability and safety of the ecosystem that sustains us. Whether we face it consciously or not, each of us (therapist and client alike) lives with an awareness of this existential threat; yet most continue to live as though it were not the case.

Intersubjectivity: The work of Jessica Benjamin with Roy Barsness, PhD

Psychoanalyst Jessica Benjamin, one of our most innovative contemporary psychoanalytic thinkers, expands clinical theory beyond the intrapsychic and situates change and transformation into the rich and complex theory of intersubjectivity, the Third and mutual recognition. This three-hour seminar will focus on psychic processes and the growth of the mind in terms of the bi-directionality of the therapeutic relationship both conscious and unconscious, the inevitable breakdowns that occur in psychotherapy and repair.

Relationally Focused Psychodynamic Therapy 2-Year Post-Graduate Certificate Program

          2 years                    4 intensive retreats                       32 consultation sessions

Did you become a therapist because you believe in the power of relationship? Are you eager to revitalize your practice with greater depth? Are you isolated in your work and looking for community? Do you desire more integration of relational theory with practical application?

Relational Psychoanalysis 101 - 8-week class with Erin Pierson and Brian Pendergast

Relational Psychoanalysis 101 is a class ideal for psychotherapists interested in exploring how to work and think clinically and theoretically in a manner that incorporates the subjective ways the experience of relationships forms our minds, personalities, and lives.  This class is essential to diving deeper into relationally-oriented psychoanalytic work, and will bring the participant into contact with some of the historical and contemporary writings and thoughts in the field.


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