Exploring Psychotic Processes: Reading Harold Searles and Wilfred Bion with Terry Hanson

It seems true that every patient, which means all of us, is terrified of loosing their mind, of falling to pieces like Humpty Dumpty and never being put back together again.  This terror of fragmentation and dissolution is probably part of the background of every therapy, but often emerges into the foreground of the interaction when particularly acute anxiety is felt.  Wilfred Bion and Harold Searles both worked extensively with psychotic patients and describe in their works this universal background of psychotic anxieties and how it gets registered in psychoanalytic work.  We w

Dreaming as Living with Terry Hanson

Dream life opens us up to an entirely different landscape for living, with fundamental shifts in time, space and perspective.  In this living space my high school English teacher and present day neighbor become friends - or enemies, or my childhood friend meets my adult children.  Each days events get twisted, turned and transformed.  The space where waking and dreaming worlds meet, when we are half awake and still feel ourselves in the dream, can be intensely sweet, or intensely disturbing.  Donald Meltzer, a British psychoanalyst, in his book Dreamlife tried to penetrate some of the myste

Psychotherapy and Play: the Work of Donald Winnicott with Terry Hanson

Donald Winnicott was a British psychoanalyst who began his career as a pediatrician and remained throughout his life deeply engaged in thinking about the child's development in the midst of the family.  He is famous for the observation that there is no infant, only an infant-mother.  Development for Winnicott occurs primarily in a psychic space between infant and mother.  He was a pioneer in psychoanalytic work with children and came to view the goal of psychotherapy as helping the patient, child or adult, to learn to play.

Loss and Grief with Terry Hanson, PhD

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In this seminar we will look into the processes of mourning that underlay so much of emotional development.  We will use as a central text Melanie Klein's classic essay on Mourning and its Relationship to Manic-Depressive States and also read selections from her biography which describe her own intense struggles with depression.  Our main focus will be on our own experience with grief in our work with our patients and how this impacts therapeutic growth.

Understanding Unformulated Experience and Relational Field Theory: An Introduction to the Work of Donnel B. Stern with Hemda Arad, PhD

Designed to be paired with our Distinguished Speakers event in February featuring Donnel Stern, this study group will acquaint participants with Stern’s work and offer critical thinking that will maximize their experience of his presentation.

Speaking Relationally: From Interpretation to Complex Dialogue in Relational Psychoanalysis with Dr. Roy Barsness

Contemporary relational psychoanalysis’ shift to understanding the patient through the interactive effects of the therapeutic dyad requires a different language from the more historical objectivist stance that relied on authoritative interpretations by the analyst.

Theory, Practice and the Racial Cultural Complex; A personal/professional confluence of knowing with Cathy Henschel-McGerry, MA, LMHC and Walter McGerry, MA, LMHC

Register by 1/7/22.

We understand that race is a social construct and not biological. We see that the invention of whiteness in the US has created a
disturbance in the US American collective psyche. Talking honestly about race continues to be awkward, uncomfortable
and taboo.


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