Adrian Jarreau

Adrian Jarreau
Areas of Expertise: 
Addiction, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Depression, Eating Disorders, Grief, Narcissism, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem
1130 32nd Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98144
206 229-0746

I work to help people realize the fullness of who they are by improving their relationship to themselves. When affected by painful feelings the tendency often is to turn against oneself with persecutory thoughts and feelings. This never has the intended outcome of getting through a hard time but only creates depression, shame, and withdrawal from relationships and life. I am experienced and skilled at discerning how one is relating to self. Relationship to self is mostly an unconscious process and to become more comfortable and confident with oneself it is necessary to discover in painful detail how one is relating to self. The awareness of this is powerful and creates changes.  One can then feel better about oneself which brings self esteem and confidence in relating to others. Relationships become enjoyable rather than something to withdraw from. 

I supervise unlicensed counselors working toward licensure. WA state certified supervisor. 

Special Populations: 
Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Elders
Insurance and Fee Information: 

I bill and receive payment from all insurance companies. My fee for a fifty minute session is $160. Please see Disclosure Statement on website,, for more information on fee and payment policy. 

Wheelchair Accessibility: